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Mike Lew’s “Thoughts on the Theater”

April 26th, 2013 |  Published in New Plays

Mike Lew’s Thoughts on the Theater page will outline six “concrete, actionable programs or initiatives” that would contribute to new play development and production. So far, he’s published three ideas:

  • blacklist of the best plays of the year that haven’t yet been produced, to encourage theaters to reconsider them;
  • specialized co-productions that would combine the assets of major nonprofit theaters with smaller developmental organizations;
  • and a common app that would roll 11 summer developmental conference applications into one.
I love all of these ideas, and the Common App is particularly compelling. I’m also excited that Mike is applying these ideas to the real world, not just writing about them: he’s meeting with people about the Blacklist idea, so there may be concrete results soon.

Now if only there were a Common App for graduate school…


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