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Vessel, 2017

Tiana can’t wait to get away from home. When she lands at MIT, she’s got something to prove…but she’s not sure what, exactly. At least her professor thinks she’s got a bright future. And if he says so, then anything is possible, right?

Staged reading, 2017 Seabury Quinn Playwrights Festival, Ohio University. Directed by Anne McAlexander.

Remind Me Why We’re Doing This, 2016

Commitment means marriage…right? When Zahira and Asher decide to tie the knot, they aren’t sure how following such a traditional route will change their polyamorous relationship. Will marriage bring them closer together or force them to compromise their ideals? It doesn’t help that they’ve fallen for their wedding planner, Zahira’s sister is in town, and they don’t know what will happen if certain people find out they’re actually non-monogamous. Navigating the personal and the public, this play interrogates what it means to be a vulnerable individual in a society that demands strength and certainty.

Reading, 2016 Seabury Quinn Playwrights Festival, Ohio University.

Catapult, 2014

Leslie navigates the politics of campus life after her best friend’s boyfriend crosses a line. Trust between friends quickly evaporates as she tries to find healing and support at a school most interested in protecting its own reputation.

Reading, Arizona Theatre Company, 2014. Directed by Stephen Wrentmore.


No Salt, 2012 (20 minutes)

A young man plucks a homeless woman off the street to buy her lunch, with one condition: he wants relationship advice.

Produced with Horizon Theatre Apprentice Company, May 2012. Directed by Jennifer Bauer-Lyons.

In Her Place, 2011 (60 minutes)

Determined to save African natives, Danielle and her husband settle into rural Kenya as missionaries in 1982. A generation later, their daughter Anne-Marie finds Danielle’s journal and begins to question the stories she’s been told.

Produced in Holden Theater at Amherst College, Feb. 2011. Directed by Peter Lobdell.


Collection, 2017

I’m Going to Smash Your Stupid Phone, 2017

Tried, 2016

Just Ask Already, 2016

The Strength of Three Strands, 2015

Anchored, 2015

Grapefruit, 2015